Our Company

                    Rani Jewels Empowering Women Around the World

      • Rani Jewels designs for the woman who knows what she loves, pursues her passions, and takes time to enjoy what she has accomplished.  As we say here at Rani Jewels, “You deserve it”!Ò  It is our registered trademark, and we believe it. Our Collections are works of Art – fun, feel-good jewelry of timeless elegance, designed to bring out the natural beauty every woman has inside, regardless of color, size, or age. The shimmering brilliance of every piece makes the wearer feel truly beautiful, empowering women to feel good about themselves and to have fun wearing our jewelry. 

      • Rani Jewels is a manufacturer and designer that works closely with craftsmen who come from all corners of the world to bring you some of the finest and unique pieces to complement any attire for any occasion. We excel in creating the most innovative designs to give our dedicated customers the newest and timeless Trends. 
      • At our Costco roadshows, we give Costco members the first tastes of our new designs months,  before we launch them to other companies for the sake of exclusivity. Thanks to our website we bridge the gap and give everyone a fair opportunity to pick the pieces they love. Not only do our customers benefit from our designs being exclusive but they also benefit from the fact that we’re the manufacturer so that gives us the ability to give the most affordable price on the market. we still strive to put our passion of being fashion forward but not making our customers suffer from high markups from being a designer brand.  Enjoy our beautiful jewelry.